« Horizons » – DONK, Kalervo KARLSSON


Images of Nothingness.
I have felt, ever since I was a child, that I am a dreamer.
I took a trip to the deep archipelago in mid February 2021.
The light in the icefields of Jurmo Islands gave me some sort of a « religious » experience about the northern light. And this idea of the DayDreamer came to me. I came home. In Finnish language we have a saying that a person is a Taivaanrannan Maalari.
The Painter of Horizon. Meaning a person spends his/hers life daydreaming life away.
« If you Stare long enough into the horizon, the horizon Stares back at you ». ( famous Nietzche quote about darkness of mind, turned into a positive experience:))
This emotion I hope to achieve in the awareness of human minds.
The Uplifting experience. 
The Horizon turns into a Vertical Emotion and Experience.
In the vertical the meditation starts. 
When our eyes stop moving, our thoughts stop moving.
The nothingness may reveal itself.
The final understanding of the inner universe we live in. 
This alignment brings me inner peace and this peace I wish to bring out to the world.
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Diffusion Rachel Hardouin Gallery.
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Photographie série « Horizons » #Helsinki-25.4.22-9920
Dimensions :
80 x 120 cm. 2022.
Technique : impression pigmentaire en couleurs sur Rag Pearl Museum Paper, mat.
Série limitée à 5 tirages + 1 tirage collection privée de l’artiste.

Dimensions:  31,49 x 47,24 inch 2022.
Public sale price: 900 euros + shipping
Limited edition 5 prints + 1 artist’s collection.
Diffusion Rachel Hardouin Gallery Paris

HORIZONS de Kalervo KARLSSON est une série de photographies produites en Finlande au niveau du cercle polaire. Ces impressions de grand format (80 x 120 cm) offrent une immersion singulière dans ces espaces de méditation et de vibrations singulières.
C’est avant tout une connexion à la Nature que nous propose l’artiste DONK.
Cette série est en vente en exclusivité à la galerie Rachel Hardouin Paris.
HORIZONS by Kalervo KARLSSON is a series of photographs produced in Finland at the level of the polar circle. These large format prints (31,49 x 47,24 inch) offer a singular immersion in these spaces of meditation and singular vibrations. The artist DONK offers us a full connection to Nature. This series is on sale at Rachel Hardouin Gallery. www.15martel.com